Don't Walk: Dance! The Best Traffic Light Ever

Need a smile this Friday? Check out this awesome video of a very special traffic light.

Smart, the company behind those teeny cars you may have seen tooling around town, headed to Lisbon, Portugal, this past July and installed a pedestrian signal with a twist: Instead of a standard motionless “Don’t Walk” symbol, the signal featured a figure that actually danced. (A motion-capture camera translated the dancing of ordinary people into the figure’s booty-shaking moves, in real time.)

The dancing light, part of Smart’s #WhatAreYouFOR campaign, was intended to reduce jaywalking by entertaining pedestrians so they’d be more likely to stop and wait for the light to change. And it worked: The company says 81% more people stopped at the red light.

This groovy sign also reminds us that whether you’re waiting for the light to change, waiting in line, or just hanging out in your living room, dancing (for fitness or just for fun!) is never a bad idea. We’re using this as inspiration to work a few more dance moves into our day. TGIF!

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